Clausthal-Zellerfeld is an old mining town right in the middle of Germany in the Harz mountains. In the Harz ores are very rich in silver, lead and zinc. Silver mining started to intensify in the 12th century and lasted until the last mine shut down in 1992. Nowadays, tourists enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking and exploring the mining past. They can also trace historic figures like Goethe, Heine or Robert Koch (born in Clausthal in 1843) through the Harz. From the cold war frontier only little is left to see although intelligence operation facilities were located on both sides of the border on the mountain tops.

The TXRF 2023 will be held in the historic “Aula Academica” dome hall of Clausthal University of Technology. Her predecessor, the Clausthal school of mines was founded in 1775. Today, students can major in mining, engineering, economics, computer sciences, natural sciences and material sciences.  Approximately, 4000 students are enrolled at the TUC; 30 % have an international background. Find more on: