Tuesday 05.09.2023, 17:30-19:00

NumberPresented byTitle
P-01Grzegorz WesołowskiStatistical analysis of measurement results limited by detection limit on the examples of the TXRF analysis of elements content in medical and biological samples
P-03Ignazio AllegrettaSample preparation customization for TXRF analysis using a multivariate experimental design: the case of soil organic matter and amendments
P-05Aldona Kubala-KukuśImportance of internal standard selection in routinely determining concentration of L series elements in water samples using TXRF method 
P-07Gangadhar DasStructural and Electronic Properties of Ti doped ZnO thin film using X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
P-09Frithjof MählerIn situ determination of diffusion coefficients of Vanadium species inside NafionTM with micro XRF analysis
P-11Tsugufumi MatsuyamaDevelopment of X-ray fluorescence analysis with noble gas as primary X-ray filter
P-13Dieter IngerleGIMOXS - a new spectrometer for GIXRF for the nondestructive characterization of light element containing nanomaterials in the laboratory
P-15Diane EichertENFORCE TXRF: A European Network for Chemical Elemental Analysis by Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence
P-17Jasna JablanOptimization of the suspension procedure by Box-Behnken design for the determination of manganese, iron, and zinc in zeolite samples with the TXRF system 
P-19Grzegorz WesołowskiTotal reflection X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy in analysis of Ti and Pd nanolayers 
P-21Hiroshi YoshiiMeasuring fluorescent and spontaneously emitted characteristic X-rays for a comprehensive analysis of elements ranging from U to Am
P-23Paweł WróbelPolyx beamline at SOLARIS National Synchrotron Centre - current status 
P-25Jessica HillerMethod development for element determination in slags by means of SA-TXRF
P-27Martin HofmannKetek Silicon Drift Detectors and New Gen. 3.0 Readout Electronics
P-29Riccarda MüllerX-ray fluorescence spectrometry for quantitative and distribution analysis of metals in POMbranes
P-31Heiko Sebastian TillLaboratory GIXRF on nanoparticles: Linear combination of experimental data and simulation
P-33Cirelli PaolaDirect analysis of PM filters with XRF instruments in different geometrical configurations
P-35Hector Jorge SanchezCharacterization of Vanadium Oxidation States using EDIXS and EXAFS in combination with FFT analysis
P-37Janos OsánApplication of TXRF in metal uptake studies of argillaceous rocks
P-39Sven  HampelCorrelation of elemental images in EPMA and LIBS – proof of concept

Wednesday 06.09.2023, 13:15-14:45

NumberPresented byTitle
P-02Ignazio AllegrettaTXRF analysis of guttation fluids as a new method for the evaluation of mineral elements translocation from roots to shoots in plants
P-04Erik KüntzelmannUtilizing polystyrene films as a reflecting surface in TXRF
P-06Eva  Marguí Use of TXRF and micro-XRF in laboratory studies dealing with the presence and adsorption of metals in (micro)-plastics
P-08Alena SchnickmannAnalysis of phase compositions in Li-containing synthetic slag systems 
P-10Sebastian  HauserTrace metal analysis in placenta using TXRF and µXRF – impact of preservation
P-12Peter WobrauschekTotal-reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis of coffee samples
P-14Juan Jose LeaniIntegral study by X-ray analytical techniques to determine the chemical state of copper in the dried biomass of a phytofiltration system
P-16Claudio LarosaCarbon resistant catalysts for syngas production over Ru supported on CaZr0.85Sm0.15O3-δ perovskite prepared by auto-combustion method 
P-18Paula KasprzykOptimisation of drying method during sample preparation 
P-20Franziska SandExpansion of picoliter printing to 65 elements for TXRF and GIXRF analysis
P-22Frederik Droste-RehlingDirect solid sample analysis of artificial slags by ETV-ICP-OES
P-24Pablo AyalaTXRF as a powerful tool for investigating emerging catalysis materials
P-26Florencia GonzalezDetermination of metals in vegetable matrices by suspension in agarose solution
P-28Peter KregsamerA comprehensive uncertainty budget asessment for a TXRF spectrometer Atomika 8030C
P-30Kouichi TsujiTotal reflection X-ray fluorescence direct analysis of human scalp hairs and Orgueil meteorite particles
P-32Heiko Sebastian TillBoundaries of double excitation in TXRF: Organic matrix samples and implications for quantification 
P-34Pascal RothInvestigation of metallurgical slags with regard to Fe and Cr species by means of XANES spectroscopy
P-36Hagen  StosnachTXRF investigations of colour pigments from an early 19th century holy door
P-38Sophie WunderlichThe distribution of vanadium-bearing slag minerals – a µ-XRD investigation