Nikolaos Kallithrakas-Kontos

Nikos Kallitharakas-Kontos is professor of Analytical Chemistry in the Technical University of Crete since 1992 (full Professor since 2006) and Director of the Laboratory of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry. He is Vice Rector of Finance, Programming and Development of the same University (2017-2022) and Vice-chairman of the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (2017-2020).
He received his PhD from the Chemical Department of the University of Athens in collaboration with the Tandem Accelerator Laboratory of the National Centre of Scientific Research "Demokritos" and he has also been a postdoctoral Researcher at the Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory of the same Research Center.
Indicative objects of his research interests: Trace elements analysis, Environmental radioactivity, X-ray fluorescence and Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorexcence, Development of novel complexing membranes for elemental analysis, Chemical speciation, Surface analysis etc.

Nikolaos Kallithrakas-Kontos

Technical University of Crete

Vice-Rector of  Finance, Planning and Development

Professor, School of Mineral Resources Engineering

University Campus,  GR 73100  Chania,  Greece

Tel: +30 2821 037004, e-mail: